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The Ahnbandegi village is 1,100m above sea level on a alpine region that has been named after the shape of the wide and spacious plain which looks like a pounding board to make rice cakes.On the mountain is a cabbage field which is known as a farm. 'Ahnban' is named from the pounding board to make rice cake, and 'Degi' is named from the sound when you pound the rice cakes.Due to the steep slopes it is impossible to use machines where farmers themselves raise the fields alone.

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428, Anbandeok-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

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Ahnbandegi was born in 1965 when the slash-and-burn farmers cut the mountain to make a resting area. The slash-and-burn farmers used only a pickax and shovel to make a farm risking their lives on high hills. In 1995, the 38 families who have made the farm land were able to legally purchase the land and become landlords of the region. The overall land is approximately 200,000㎡ where the farm has gradually transformed into a fertile farm. The farm usually known as the cabbage farm is now known as a scared place for labor.

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