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“Feel the Tradition of Korea”

Experience-oriented Templestay programs

Buddhist Ceremony

Twice a day at Korean temples, during the early morning and evening, people pay their respects and make oἀerings to the Buddha. The ceremony begins with playing the four Buddhist instruments: the Dharma drum, temple bell, wooden Ḁsh, and cloud-shaped gong.

Seon Meditation

It is time for us to take our inner journey. Meet your True-self at a tranquil mountain monastery. This will bring you respite for both body and mind. Here, you will learn meditation techniques that are easily applicable to your everyday life.

Conversation over Tea

Have a cup of tea at a quaint, ancient Buddhist monastery. The hurriedness of urban life will fade away as you cozily chat with the monks and fellow participants.

108 Prostration Practice

Performing 108 prostration is another way to get a realization of your True-self. It is a very eἀective form of moving meditation.

What is Templestay?

orean temples are infused with the spirit and history of more than 1700 years of Korean Buddhism, and of the monks who have lived and practiced there. There is a certain beauty to be found in the ancient monasteries and in the way of life that has inspired so many practitioners for generations.
Templestay is like a bridge connecting the modern world with the beauty and teachings of the past.

Types of Templestay

Experience-oriented Templestay

This program content may vary according to the temple, the seasons, and capacities or interests of the participants. It tries to oἀer as much experience as possible in Korean traditional culture, diverse Buddhist culture and education about the natural environment around the temple. It usually includes some of these activities: Buddhist ceremony, Seon meditation, conversation over tea, 108 prostration practice.

Rest-oriented Templestay

This program is designed to help you rest your fatigued body and mind during your short stay at a temple. Away from your busy daily routine, you can breathe in nature and restore your vibrant life force through meditation and Buddhist ceremony. You can spend your time freely but you should learn the temple etiquette and attend the Buddhist ceremony.

One-day Templestay

A program designed for those with a busy lifestyle who want to participate in a Templestay program but cannot take a whole day oἀ or foreign tourists who have only a short time available. The program packs aspects of Korean Buddhist culture into a short period and normally includes a temple tour, Seon meditation and conversation over tea.

Google ‘Templestay’ to visit the website (https://eng.templestay.com)
Choose the temple & program you wish to join
Select the date and the number of the participant
Provide the information of your group and submit. Make a payment
Please be sure to bring

Personal itemsBuddhist monasteries do not provide toiletries, towels, undergarments, or socks. So, please bring them with you.

Comfortable outdoor shoes or hiking bootsComfortable outdoor shoes or hiking boots are a must to fully enjoy Buddhist monastery’s natural surroundings.

Warm jackets orthermal underwearMountain monasteries in winter are much colder than you might expect. Please bring suᴀciently warm clothing to make your stay comfortable.

Templestay Weeks for Freigners

5th~ 30th November 2018
39 Temples throughout Korea Leaflet Download