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Seoraksan National Park Osaek District 대표이미지1

Seoraksan National Park Osaek District

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As an outer part of Seoraksan Mountain, the Osaek District lies in the southernmost part of the Seoraksan National Park. Osaek Stream flowing between Daecheongbong Peak and Jeombongsan Mountain includes Jujeongol Valley, Osaek Mineral Spring and Osaek Hot Springs. Around the Hangyeryeong Pass, there is a sharply bent national road between Inje and Yangyang as well as Geumpyoam Rock, which is known to have put a ban on entrance to the mountain and secret felling of trees.

95 Daecheongbong-gil Yangyang-gun Gangwon-do

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Namseorak Osaek District standing between Daecheongbong Peak, which is the main peak of Seoraksan Mountain, and Jeombongsan Mountain holds Osaek Mineral Spring and Osaek Hot Springs, so that people can visit here most frequently next to Seorak-dong. Osaek Mineral Spring can be easily seen from the side of a road to Yangyang along the Hangyeryeong Pass. Climbing 1km up from Osaekseoksa Temple, there is Seonnyeotang Valley, from which a maintain range reaches to Mangyeongdae Terrace and Manmulsang Rocks, commanding a picturesque scenery.

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