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Rail Bike

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Chuncheon Rail Bike has brought a new life to the suspended Gyeongchun Line. Chuncheon Rail Bike includes various courses including Gangchon full of memories and romance, a tunnel with a theme of Kim Yu-jeong's lyrical literature, and Bukhangang River with a scenic landscape. It has gained enormous popularity not only from Chuncheon citizens but also its tourists.

Leisure sports
1385 Gimyujeong-ro Chuncheon-si Gangwon-do

Tour guide

Gangchon Rail Bike is divided into three courses; one is departing from Gangchon and arriving at Kim Yu-jeong Station, another is departing from Kim Yu-jeong Station and arriving at Gangchon, and the other is departing from and returning to Gyeonggak Station via Gapyeong Railroad Bridge. It was opened in August 2012 and has become famous as a representative tourist attraction of Chuncheon. Before using this bike course, visitors have to make a reservation in advance on homepage and have tickets issued after arriving here at least 20 minutes before boaring. Those who have a strong body are recommended to take the course from Gangchon Station to Kim Yu-jeong Station. However, the course from Kim Yu-jeong Station to Gangchon Station is more suitable for beginners.

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Open year-round

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Elevator installed, Parking lot for the disabled

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