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Taebaek Coal Museum 대표이미지1

Taebaek Coal Museum

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Coal is the only energy resource naturally produced in Korea. It has made a great contribution to the national economic development by supplying a fuel for everyday use and playing a key role in the advance of the basic industry. However, due to the development of the material civilization and a growing use of clean energy, its demand has decreased drastically. Against these backdrops, this museum was built with an aim at establishing a changing history of the coal industry, gathering historical facts on coal to provide its historical materials, informing future generations about the accomplishments of mine workers who were engaged in coal production as a pillar of industry under the poor working environments, and using as an experience center for the coal industry.

195 Cheonjedan-gil Taebaek-si Gangwon-do

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The exhibition theme of Taebaek Coal Museum is "Coal, Nature and Human Beings." It intends to look back the effect of coal on human beings and the relationship between coal and humans and think of what nature gives men and how they have handled nature. Departing from a general way of developing a story in existing exhibition halls, this museum tries to attract viewers' interest by inducing a dynamic atmosphere from an introduction, assigning a large viewing area not to restrict the movement of its main users such as the youth and children, considering their psychological and behavioral characteristics, and has led viewers to have an indirect experience by means of a simulation system, special effects, etc.

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Individual: 2,000 won for adults / 1,500 won for the youth and soldiers / 700 won for children / Gro

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Parking 800 cars available,1,200 for two-wheel vehicle / 2,000 for compact cars / 4,000 won for full-size cars




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