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Danjong History Museum

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King Danjong, the sixth king of Joseon Dynasty, is considered a king of most misfortune not only in Joseon Dynasty but also throughout the whole history of Korea. He became a king at the age of 11 and was on the throne just for three years. He handed over the throne to his uncle and was exiled to Yeongwol. However, nothing is known about his death. Jangneung Royal Tomb is his grave, which remained nameless because a dethroned king was not eligible for a title of king. In 200 years later, his name was restored by King Sukjong and his grave started to be called Jangneung Royal Tomb.In the precincts of Jangneung Royal Tomb, there is Danjong History Museum, which was opened in April 5, 2002. It was built in a traditional Hanok style with one floor underground and one floor ground.

190 Danjong-ro Yeongwol-gun Gangwon-do

Tour guide

Danjong History Museum consists of a reference exhibition hall, a theater and a learning room, displaying various documents, artifacts, models, movies, and panel data, which are all produced on the basis of Joseonwangjosillok: The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty. Visitors can see Danjong's lifelong history including his life, enthronement, struggle with his uncle, exile and death through models and audio-visual materials. Moreover, visitors can witness the discussion over his death. There are also six martyred ministers/six living ministers' ancestral tablets and related materials, his Queen Jeongsun's related materials, and documents on Sejong Sillok: Annals of King Sejong/Danjong Sillok: Annals of King Danjong/Sad Story of Danjong. Visitors can also see various materials on the Joseon Dynasty including its punishment tools and loyal costumes. Moreover, the theater runs a movie on Danjong's lifelong story.

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700~1,400 won for adults / 600~1,200 won for the youth, children and soldiers

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Parking Allowed,1,000 won for subcompact, compact and mid-size cars / 2,000 won for full-size cars




Open year-round

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