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Gangmun Beach

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Gangmun Beach is located in Gangmun-dong. Since there is a small port named Gangmun Port nearby, one can taste fresh raw fish caught in the early morning of the day in a nearby raw fish restaurant. Near the beach are well-organized accommodations and Gyeongpo District. In Gangmun Beach, visitors can take a boat for 5-10 minutes and appreciate amazing underwater landscape of Jayeonjjam(rock), sea anemone, big fishes by diving to depths of 5~30m. There are many members of skin scuba club visiting. Underwater diving program is also provided for newly-married couples who want to make an unforgettable memory. In Gangmunhang Port, 16 fishing boats catch flatfish, Norami, octopus, venus clam (Jjaebok), sea urchin, sea squirt, sea cucumber frequently, halibut, Gomphina veneriformis melanaegis in the spring, Spanish mackerel in the summer and fall, rock-fish in the winter. Those who like fishing sometimes catch dace or Norami on the port.

29, Changhae-ro 350beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

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Adjacent to Gyeongpo Beach, Gangmun Beach is less visited than Gyeongpo Beach. While Gyeongpo Beach is where tourists go to, Gangmun Beach is where local Gangneung people visit. Crossing Gangmun Bridge past Gangneung Raw Fish Village, the road reaches to Gangmun Beach. Past Gangmun Beach, you can meet 3km-long Solsoop-gil Road (Ttangjaebong Peak Trail) leading to Anmok Beach.

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