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Gangwon-do Symbols

Gangwon-do Flag


Symbolizes Gangwon's active and abundant development. Each color signifies one of Gangwon's various elements (embodies the image of the province and the harmony of its residents.)

The Blue ellipse represents the earth, the home of a comfortable mind.
Green represents the clean, beautiful natural environment.
Yellow stands for an everlasting historical and cultural environment. It signifies the harmony of nature and culture through the stabilizing shape of a square.
The White leaf signifies the residents’ promise to meet new challenges.

Gangwon-do Character

Ban-B is the mascot of Gangwon-do .depicting a friendly and faithful Asiatic black bear, Ban-B represents "a bear flying towards the future, the world and national re-unifica

Gangwon-do Flower

Royal Azalea
Royal Azalea
Our official flower is the Royal Azalea (Rhododendron Schlippenbachii Max.). Reddish-pink Royal Azalea flowers symbolize the pleasures of love. They cover most of the mountains and hills in Gangwon-do in May, adding even more beauty to our majestic natural landscape.

Gangwon-do Tree

Korean Pine
Korean Pine
Our official tree is the Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis S. et Z.). As the most prominent tree that grows naturally within the province, it is an ever-green that can grow well in cool areas. Many of these pine trees were planted by foresters for the nuts and lumber.

Gangwon-do Bird

Asiatic Black Bear
Red-Crowned Crane
Our official bird is the Red-Crowned Crane (Grus japonensis). This beautiful crane is one of ten traditional symbols of longevity and is also thought to manifest the dignified virtues of Confucian scholars and Buddhist monks. They seem to be proud in their loneliness and thus are in correspondence with the pure and clean character of the Gangwon people. They mainly inhabit the Cheorwon and Yanggu border areas, coming and going freely between South and North Gangwon, and are thus symbols of peace and national re-unification.

Gangwon-do Animal

Asiatic Black Bear
Our official animal is the Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus) characterized by its glossy black fur and white half-moon pattern on its upper chest. Some of these bears live in Seorak Mountain and Odae Mountain National Parks, and others are found in the DMZ areas.