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Transportation Information

Air transportation

Yangyang international Airport

Located at Dongho-ri, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, Yangyang International Airport is the alternate airport of Sokcho Airport that has inadequate facilities and location conditions as well as Gengneung Airport that falls short of safety standards because of insufficient landing pad facilities. It provides its air traffic services with purposes such as regional balance development and attracting overseas tourists with its utilization of Yeongdong’s tourist attractions like Seoraksan and Geumgangsan. As the base airport of the center of Yeongdong and the aviation gateway of Gangwon-do tourism it is equipped with a passenger terminal that can handle 3,170,000 people a year and parking facilities that can accommodate 498 vehicles for the convenience of its users.

Contact number : +82-33-670-7317
Homepage :
The whole area : 740,000 PY
Length of runway : 2,500x45m, (A300-level medium-sized aircraft can take-off and land 43,000 times a year)
Passenger terminal : The total floor space 7,000 PY(capacity of 1,930,000 visitors a year)
Domestic line
- KOREA EXPRESS AIR [Jeju - Yangyang: Operating twice a day]
- KOREA EXPRESS AIR [Busan / Gimhae - Yangyang: Operating once a day]
International line : KOREA EXPRESS AIR [Kitakyushu - Yangyang: Operating once a Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday]
Wonju Airport

Located at Hoengseong-eup, Hoengseong-Gun, Gangwon-do, Wonju Airport offers air service between Wonju and Jeju. As the demand on the Jeju line increases, it is expected to expand the number of flights.

Contact number : +82-33-344-3311
Homepage :
The whole area : 5,808㎡(one MD-82)
Length of runway : 2,743m × 45m
PaPassenger terminal : 1,596㎡
Domestic line : Jeju - Wonju : operating once a day

Sea transportation

Sea transportation is available at Sokcho, Jumunjin, Okgye, Mukho, Bukpyeong, Samcheok, and Imwonhang (port) etc., and inland transport using Soyangho (lake) has been developed and is available between Chuncheon, Yanggu and Inje (Shinnam).

Port of Donghae

The Port of Donghae is mainly used to transport cement and limestone in and out of the country and it became famous in the world tourism industry by starting service of the Geumgangsan Ferry in 1998. In the future, it will play a leading role in North-South exchanges, northward trade and international maritime sightseeing, since it is located at the strategic region of the circum-East Sea.

Location : Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
Port area : 13,542,000㎡ (1,000㎡)
Depth of water : (-)10m ~ (-)14m
Contact number : +82-33-533-3011
Port of Sokcho

Sokcho Passenger Terminal is the closest port from downtown Sokcho. There is an international passenger terminal that connects to Russia and Baekdusan Mountain, and it was used as an iron ore extraction port from the Yangyang iron ore mine. Nearby are Seoraksan Mountain and the East Sea, and it was developed as a tourist port and fishing port with the main catch being Pollack, pacific saury and squid.

Contact number : +82-33-639-2544

Railroad transportation

In Korea, the railroads include the Gyeongchun Line which runs between Seoul (Cheongryangri Station) and Chuncheon, Jungang Line which departs Cheongryangri via Wonju, Yeongdong Line forks from Yeongju of Jungang Line between Yeongdong and Gangneung, and Samcheok Line between Donghae City and Samcheok City. Taebaek Line, starting from Jecheon City, Chungcheongbuk-do, is extended to Gohan/Taebaek (Hwangji) and connected with Yeongdong Line at Baeksan. It is forks at Jeungsan and reaches to Jeongseon/Gujeol on Jeongseon Line.

The National Railroad Administration’s homepage :
Customer Service Center : +82-1544-7788 , +82-33-742-6072
Seoul-Gangneung KTX Line

It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes from Seoul to Pyeongchang.
It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes from Seoul to Gangneung.
It takes about 2 hours from Incheon International Airport to Gangneung. Ticket Reservation

Main stations in Gangwondo
Chuncheon Station

- Contact : +82-33-241-7758

Namchuncheon Station

- Contact : +82-33-257-7022

Wonju Station

- Contact : +82-33-742-6072

Jeongdongjin Station

- Contact : +82-33-520-2523

Donghae Station

- Contact : +82-33-521-7788

Taebaek Station

- Contact : +82-33-552-2401

Yeongwol Station

- Contact : +82-33-374-7788

Jeongseon Station

- Contact : +82-33-563-7788

Road & Highway

The Tae Baek mountain range, which separates Yeongseo (the western part of Gangwon-do) from Yeongdong (the eastern part of Gangwon-do) has been connected through the main roads in Gangwon-do such as Jinburyeong (Inje ~ Ganseong) Misiryeong(Inje ~ Sokcho) Hangyeryeong (Inje~ Yangyang) Guryongryeong (Hongcheon ~ Yangyang) Jingogae (JinBu~ Yeongok) Daegwanryeong (Hoenggye ~ Gangneung) and Baegbongryeong (Imgae ~ Donghae). The important highways are Gyeongwon (Seoul ~ Wonju), Gyeongchun (Seoul ~ Chuncheon), Chunwon (Chuncheon ~ Wonju) and Gangneung highways.

A partial interstate Highway has opened, connecting Gangneung to Donghae making daily commuting possible between Yeongdong and Yeongseo, Moreover, the completion of the Jungang interstate Highway (Chuncheon ~ Taegu) made the traffic situation to Gyeongsang-do region much more palatable. It takes about 1 hour from Seoul to Chuncheon and 2 hours from Seoul to Yangyang by the opening of Seoul-Chuncheon Highway and Seoul-Yangyang Expressway.

Seoul-Yangyang Expressway

Total length 150.2㎞
It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes from Seoul to Yangyang Details

Expressway image


On-line Reservation
Integrated Express Bus Website :
Main Bus Terminal
- Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-241-0285
- Chuncheon Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-256-1571
- Wonju Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-734-4114
- Wonju Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-747-4181
- Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-643-6092
- Gangneung Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-641-3184
- Donghae Municipal Bus Terminal : +82-33-532-3800
- Donghae Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-531-3400
- Taebaek Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-1688-3166
- Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-633-4230
- Sokcho Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-631-3181
- Samcheok General Bus Terminal : +82-33- 572-2085
- Samcheok Express Bus Terminal : +82-33-572-7444
- Yangyang Express Intercity Bus Terminal : +82-33-671-4411

Taxi & Car Rental

Taxis are plentiful, clean, safe, and inexpensive in Korea. There are taxi stands in most Busy city areas, and taxis can also be hailed on the streets. Certain “Deluxe” taxis can be requested by phone though the fare for these special call taxis is somewhat higher than a regular taxi. The fare system is based on both distance and time. Fares are ₩1,800 for the first 2 kilometers and ₩100 for each additional 144 meters. If the taxi is moving less than 15 kilometers per hour, an additional charge of ₩100 per 35 seconds is added to the fare.

Car Rental

To use a car rental service, you should have an international driver’s license and the driver should be more than 25 years old. Before renting a car, thoroughly check the rental service provider’s insurance and regulations concerning accidents or damage while driving.